Best Backpacks For Day Trips or Overnight Adventures

Everybody needs a little getaway from the real world. The best way to do this is by traveling to a new place and experiencing the wonders of the world for a few days, no matter where you are. Whether it be a weekend or simply a day trip, it’s important to carry your belongings in a comfortable manner.

A lot of people underestimate the advantages of using a backpack for a weekend trip instead of a small suitcase. By using a backpack, you can have everything you need with you at all times and it’s a lot easier to carry around compared to a rolling suitcase. Another advantage of using a backpack is that you don’t have to check your bag when flying which saves you both time and money.

Picking out a backpack can be difficult because there is an abundance of them on the market. Here are some reliable day and overnight backpacks that have their own unique characteristics:

The Slingsafe Backpack (photo courtesy of Travel Smith)

Slingsafe 300 Gll Backpack – This is a good, super lightweight bag that would make traveling easy. A lot of people worry about their identity being stolen while traveling which this backpack helps prevent by having a RFID – blocking technology system. RFID is the technology that enables you to wave your credit card over a scanner instead of swiping it, convenient for both shopping and thieves. The blocking system this bag has prevents people from scanning your bag for your credit card number. Another interesting security feature of this backpack is that it’s slashproof on the bottom, which means that strangers will not be able to cut a hole so that your stuff falls out. Also, this pack is waterproof which prevents everything in you bag getting soaking wet when strolling or hiking in the rain.


The Northface Pack (photo coutesy of REI)

The North Face Surge Daypack – Many bags today have a compartment to carry laptops. This bag goes a step further and has a spot to carry power cords and other accessories that you might need. Not only is this bag convenient for electronics, it’s also great for hiking because it has a hip belt that is storable. This padded hip belt wraps around your waist and provides extra support, which allows you to hike in a more comfortable fashion. Durability in a bag is important for all types of environments, not just the outdoors. Fortunately this backpack is made of ballistic nylon which means it’s immune to most moisture, tears, and abrasions. Knowing that all of your belongings are safe inside your bag allows you to fully enjoy your day or overnight trip.


The Flapjill Daypack (photo coutesy of REI)

Osprey FlapJill Daypack – This backpack distinguishes itself from others because of its unique appearance. Instead of having a zipper at the top, it has a flap cover with 2 quick release clips. These clips are attached to straps that you can tighten and relax depending upon how full your bag is. The bag comes with three different colored straps; allowing you to change the appearance of your bag at any time. Other features include an area designated for laptops up to 15.4” screen, adjustable padded shoulder straps, and an internal draw cord which protects your belongings from the weather. The unique layout of the bag might prevent some people from buying it, but it’s actually a great bag for small trips and everyday use.


The Conor Flashpoint (photo courtesy of Magellan's)

Conor Flashpoint – This backpack from Eagle Creek is good for the traveler with a laptop because there’s a compartment meant solely for them. It’s easy to get your laptop in and out which is convenient when going through security at the airport. This backpack also has two main easy access compartments which allow you to organize your bag nicely. It also has the unique safety feature of lockable zippers on the bag. The straps are very comfortable which is nice because when coupled with its size and shape, it can be used for more extensive travel, school, hiking, business, or anything else.



The Convertible Brussels Pack

Baggallini Convertible Brussels Backpack – At first glance this bag doesn’t look like a backpack. However, you just have to move one of the straps and the bag can convert from an across the shoulder to a regular backpack. This is convenient because you can switch it up so that your shoulders do not get too tired.  This bag is definitely on the smaller side which means it will weigh less and is ideal for daytrips. If you use the detachable coin/ID pouch, I would recommend keeping it in an easily accessible spot in the biggest part of your bag.

Just like long-term backpacking bags, there is a wide selection of overnight and day bags to choose from. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the different bags that are put in front of you. That is why it is important to keep in mind that you need a backpack that is not only suitable for the trip you intend to take, but for your general lifestyle as well.

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