Tips, Tricks, and Travel Hacks from Jonathan Roseland

In this guest post, Jonathan Roseland of Limitless Mindset shares a couple of his top travel hacks and travel tips to help you get the most out of your holiday.

Beat Hangovers

When you travel, it’s easy to get caught up in the backpacker party lifestyle. The resulting hangover can really screw up your plans to get up early and go on hikes, visit museums, and get the most out of your travels. But this hangover cure can help you get back on track:

Get Two Phones

Samsung flip phone. Image via Wikimedia / Jakez

Samsung flip phone. Image via Wikimedia / Jakez

When you’re traveling, it’s a good idea to use a throwaway phone that you don’t really care about if you lose it. A lot of times you can buy a pre-owned Android phone for as little as $50, and “dumb phones” can be even cheaper (you remember those phones with the old fashioned button things on them, right?) When you’re traveling in places that don’t feel safe, or you’re are going out to booze take this phone with you.

You can make calls, you can collect people’s contact info (useful for when you meet the love of your life on a dance floor!), and you can take blurry camera phone pictures! If your secondary phone is advanced enough, you can even check your email via wifi – All without worrying about losing your valuable phone while out and about.

Use a Portable Battery Charger


Portable chargers are a great way to keep your devices safe and charged!

One common way people lose their valuable electronics is while charging them; you leave your iPhone charging on your bed while you are sleeping or you leave your phone charging next to a friendly stranger in a common room… Stop doing this!

Many a traveler has lost their valuables this way. A super convenient solution to this is a Universal Portable Battery Charger, this is a portable battery that holds much larger charge than your smartphone or tablet.

When you need to charge your devices put them in your backpack or locker with the Portable Battery to charge. If a thief does see it, it’s not easily recognizable as a valuable item.

A portable battery can also be a real lifesaver on those +8 hour bus rides when your devices die in the middle of your favorite movie. Talk about convenience and safety!

Furry Handcuffs (En Espanol, Esposas Peludos)


You’re sure to find plenty of uses for these furry handcuffs!


If you don’t have furry handcuffs, get some ASAP, here’s why:

When you are leaving your luggage unattended in your dorm room or other location handcuff it to something immovable so would be thieves can’t grab it. Obviously, luggage locks are a good idea to accompany your kinky luggage, but I like the flair of using fuzzy handcuffs!

As a bonus, if you find yourself tortured by mosquito bites which you can’t stop scratching in your sleep, handcuff yourself to the bedposts!

Surely you’ll find some other interesting uses for furry handcuffs on the road…

What are you waiting for? Get some furry handcuffs!


Get Luggage Locks

Luggage locks will keep your gear safe.

Luggage locks will keep your gear safe.


If you need a little more security than furry handcuffs can give you, you should definitely pick up a couple luggage locks. For less than $10 you can get 2 luggage locks to dissuade would-be thieves from opening your bags. It’s a good idea to get locks that use a combination code instead of a key. I’ve seen people cutting the locks off their bags because they’d lost the only key to the lock!




Traveler’s Toast

A good cheers can be a thing of legend. Knowing a toast that is memorable and poignant can is perfecct for making new friends over drinks or bidding farewell to travel buddies.

I came up with this toast that works great for any traveler:

May mischief find you and misfortune avoid you!

In Spanish: ¡Que le travesura te encuentre y el infortunio te evite!

Stay a While

When you’re traveling, often local Ne’er-do-wells will know that you won’t be staying in town long. Since travelers tend to pass through town, there’s very little possibility that pick pockets and thieves will have to see you again, or face the consequences of robbing you. A good tip is to let locals know you plan on staying a while or coming back, even if you’re not. Criminals will always choose easy targets, and if they think you’ll be in staying in town, that creates a higher probability of them getting caught – and they’ll often move on to the next target.

That’s all the tips for today – you can always tune in to Limitless Mindset Podcast for more travel hacks and life hacking tips in general. Let us know your best travel hacks in the comments below.

Guest post by: Jonathan Roseland, the inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever (see above!), former participant in a bank robbery, almost died underwater twice, raconteur & smart drug dealer. Jonathan hosts the Limitless Mindset Podcast.


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