Budget Hotel Comparison

Hotel Room, via Wikimedia, by Holidayinnklg

Hotel Room, via Wikimedia, by

Looking for a good budget hotel can sometimes be difficult. It takes time to sort through the reviews and make sure that the place you’re booking is fits your budget, but still nice, clean, comfortable, and safe. Trust me, I’ve stayed in some pretty dodgy places in my travels.

But how do you find a good hotel at a good price?

Obviously, the internet has done wonders to warn would-be travelers about crappy hotels, and send more business to reputable hotels with good prices and good accommodations. Online budget hotel comparison sites like Trivago are the perfect place to start your search.  Sites like that let you set your search criteria and sort hotels by price, number of stars, and rating. I love Trivago’s frown-to-smile rating system!

Of course, there are lots of sites to help you choose the best hotel for your budget. It’s really worth spending a little time on the web to find the best bang for your buck. You can be sure to enjoy your stay, while saving some money to spend on fun experiences, rather than spending it all on a place to sleep.