How You Doin’? The Best Backpacker Pick-up Lines

Nothing says romance in Asia quite like chugging from buckets arm in arm.

Life on the road has its benefits and drawbacks; one of the perks being the opportunity to hook-up more often than in our respective homes.  Due to lack of work, long-term partying, and constant moonshine-greased libidos, we’re bound to get luckier while traveling.  And if you’re looking for some action, we’ve got the best pick-ups you can use that will help you get to the top of someone else’s bunk.


1.  “You smell nice.” – It was probably just a shower and clean clothes that inspired this compliment, but every grungy backpacker feels a tad sexier when told how fresh and clean they smell.  Perhaps it’s a lie and the moldy-wet-shoe smell does linger, but more often it’s the shampoo that arouses this flattering remark.  For extra points lean in for a close sniff.


2.  “Want to share a bucket?” – Booze is undeniably cheaper abroad than back home, some places more so.  A US dollar can buy you a beer in Central America or an entire bucket of local moonshine inSoutheast Asia.  Wherever you are, get the large beer with an extra glass or offer a straw from your gallon of liquor; cheap booze is always a natural conversation starter.  You can afford it now, so why not? Plus sharing is caring (unless it’s herpes).


The international party starter: King’s Cup.

3.  “King’s Cup?” – This infamous game, also known as Ring of Fire or Circle of Death, is notorious for helping unite people in getting inebriated.  Otherwise dull table dialogue is instantly rejuvenated when people start remembering and arguing over the rules of this game.  This is a guaranteed conversation starter, not to mention inhibition loosener.  To really get a sexy game going, dub one card as ‘thrift shop’ and whoever draws it must trade an article of clothing with someone else at the table.  Nothing like getting people naked and drunk to get the party started.


4.  “It’s my last night.” – This lucky gem only works if it’s really true, but it usually is.  If it’s not, you can either skip town the following day or lie and claim you decided to stay an extra night.  No matter, the truth is that people are generally more keen on a one night stand when they’re not worried about the awkward following day.  Or really it’s the last-chance-dance factor that convinces our intoxicated minds that we shouldn’t let this opportunity slip away.  How romantic.


Day or night, swimming nude allows you to be free and have fun.

5.  “Wanna go for a swim?” – Famous last words before a hook-up.  Akin to being 15 and not knowing how to make a move on someone without asking to watch a scary movie in your basement, a traveler asking to go for a midnight swim has the same unspoken pretextual question, “Do you want to hook up?”  It always happens at the end of the night, after much inebriation, and somehow you’ve ended up near a beach, pool, or lake and inevitably one person challenges the other, clothes come off, and screaming into the water you run.  Exhilarated, wet, and living in the moment, (naked) late night swimming is the best way to test the waters to see if your target is interested.  At the very least, you’ll get to see them in their underwear.


While these lines are not guaranteed to get you laid, they will absolutely help get the party started and lead you in the right direction.  Also, this advice is specific to the backpacking community and might have adverse results if used in “normal real world” society.  But maybe not so try them out.

Ruby Tuesday

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