Encounters With Wildlife in the Islands of the Caribbean

The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are perfect for relaxing, sun-filled days Photo via Wikimedia, by Z_dead.

The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are perfect for relaxing, sun-filled days Photo via Wikimedia, by Z_dead.

The versatile Caribbean islands are romantic, playful, adventurous and relaxing. One day you can sail into port and take a 4×4 island safari in Basseterre, St. Kitts and the next be laying on the white sands of Honeymoon Beach in St. John reading a good book. Each island has its own mystery to explore; each city is rich with history. There is something that every island has in common though — they all are inhabited by exotic wildlife. Fortunately for us, we can spend time with some rare species and stare into the eyes of our aquatic friends firsthand.

Want to swim with dolphins? Dive with sea turtles? Dance with butterflies? Swing with monkeys? Several cruises to the Caribbean offer seemingly endless planned excursion options. Create your own wildlife encounters on your Caribbean journey.

A Shipwreck, Exotic Fish and Turtles — Bridgetown, Barbados

After a boat ride to Turtle Bay, you will be equipped with snorkel gear and led to experience the lives and habits of everything underwater. Among them at this particular location — friendly sea turtles. Just being around these gentle, and exceedingly rare, creatures will calm your soul.

Also enjoy many different species of colorful and exotic fish and the shipwreck they have taken on as their home.

Canopy Tour — St. John’s, Antigua

Deep in the rainforests of Antigua, there is a world that soars above. You can traverse the Caribbean forests like monkeys as you zip from tree to tree, cross suspension bridges and vertically descend your way though the verdant Antigua rainforest. Fly like birds above treetops on aerial ziplines — your front and back doors being foliage. The rainforest offers many wildlife encounters including exotic birds, lizards, monkeys and insects — this is the rainforest, after all. This expedition is not for the weak of heart as there are some laborious maneuvers.

Butterfly Farms — St. Martin and Aruba

This is finally your chance to see what a real wonderland looks and feels like when you step into the lush tropical rainforest amidst the flowers and trees. As you stroll past trickling waterfalls and ponds with frogs resting on lily pads, butterflies flutter overhead. This is no dream. It really exists both on the islands of St. Martin and Aruba. Butterflies fly freely in their huge mesh enclosures and, if you wear bright colors and citrus cologne (they will be more drawn to you), you might just make a few fluttering friends.

See their transformation as microscopic eggs grown into caterpillars that shed their silk and become these amazing creatures.

Dolphin Experience — Kings Wharf, Bermuda

There are many opportunities to frolic with the dolphins throughout the Caribbean. This particular excursion, though, gives you an up-close and personal interaction. Enjoy both shallow water and deep connections as your hands brush their majestic fins and your eyes gaze into theirs.

These are just a handful of the hundreds of experiences you can have on a journey to the Caribbean. Get out and explore!

(photo: Antigua)


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