English Language Schools In Malta: The Adventure Starts Here!

The Senglea, Gardjola watchtower in Malta, with a view of Valletta. Photo by Myriam Thyes, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Senglea, Gardjola watchtower in Malta, with a view of Valletta. Photo by Myriam Thyes, via Wikimedia Commons.

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As the New Year approaches and the fireworks and champagne help to ring in the start of 2013 the time comes to think about what changes you want to see in your life over the next twelve months: Join a gym? Travel more? Learn A Language? If improving your level of English is something you can see yourself doing over the next few months, then why not step away from tradition and scope out an up-and-comer in the English speaking world with English language schools in Malta?

Why Malta?

When my friend decided to go on a language learning holiday to improve her English, I immediately thought of her going to, well, England. So, when I was presented with her course in Malta I was a bit confused, to say the least as I didn’t even know Malta spoke English, let alone did English language courses for non-natives! I decided to go with her as a holiday anyway and I can honestly say that I was blown away by its sheer beauty — not to mention how many people there were in the fantastic market streets, which date back centuries if not millennia!

We arrived a bit early so decided to take advantage of some of the day trips that we had seen advertised in the language school when she checked in. With it being summer, I was very thankful to be there in the heat rather than wearing my winter clothes in London, the preferred option to start with!

We headed to the capital Valletta and wow, what a city! With the fantastic 30 degree heat and the beautiful waterfront, filled with classic architecture, I settled in immediately, right at home in my new surroundings and happily weaving through the market stalls – I could have stayed in the market forever! These types of bustling, central markets seem to be a concept that quite a few of us European countries are starting to lose, as supermarkets take over. After a few hours wandering, we headed to the museum of Archaeology, filled with fantastic temple paintings and my new personal favorite, the famous statuettes of the Sleeping Lady, a well known symbol in this tucked away paradise.

If there is one think you do in 2013, go to Malta! The English language courses that my friend enrolled on were fantastic and really boosted her level of fluency in just 2 weeks, and in surroundings like these, you will never want to leave!

Guest Post by Catalina Dobre


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