EYE AM – Letting Children Change the Way We See the World.


EYE AM is a new project from travel and lifestyle photographer Jens Lennartsson and social media marketer Sara Hansson. The goal is to let kids in developing countries change the way we see the world, through photography. The duo is currently raising money to fund the EYE AM project, so that they can buy 20 sets of cameras and computers for three photography workshops in developing countries. The children will be taught how to use the cameras, and the photos they take will be shared across the world to shed light on what it’s really like to live as a kid in a developing nation.

In the words of EYE AM:

Today’s media often creates an unfair picture of the lives of kids in developing countries – how they live and who they are. Poverty. No individuality. No creativity. But that’s a picture that isn’t created by those who really know what it looks like: The kids themselves. Together with you, we’ll create a more realistic view of the world.

Every kid is a person with her own view of the world. Our goal is to give kids the opportunity to express themselves artistically as a passport to a better and more fulfilling life. As individuals. And we want the world to see it.

I’ve worked with Jens on a project before, and i can say that not only is he an incredibly talented photographer and an all around nice guy, but he’s also passionate about changing the the world through photography and art — and this project is his chance to do just that. But to make it happen, EYE AM needs your help.

You can help  by making a donation to the EYE AM Project here, or by sharing this article with your friends.

For more info, check out this great video the team put together:


And check out these great photos from Jens Lennartsson!

©Jens Lennartsson

©Jens Lennartsson

©Jens Lennartsson

©Jens Lennartsson

Remember, you can donate to the EYE AM project here to help make this awesome project a reality!

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