Favorite World Travel Bloggers

World Travel Buzz was founded by a group of passionate world travelers who share a love for exploring the world and sharing their adventures through writing and photography. Good travel writers are a rare breed, so we thought we’d share this list of some of our favorite Travel Blogs from around the web, and around the world.

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World Travel Buzz’s Favorite Travel Bloggers

J-Ro’s Traveling Adventure Blog is where J-Ro (AKA Jenn Rose, a frequent World Travel Buzz Contributor) shares her stories of adventure travel and experiences teaching and volunteering abroad.

My View from the Middle Seat is Christina Saull’s website where she shares her travel stories, photography and reviews of hotels, restaurants & places she loves.

Trail of Ants was originally a blog about Ant’s trips through Mongolia, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand, but it has grown into a place for tips articles about all things travel

Kate Lynn Erickson is a traveler and writer who has been published on Examiner.com and World Travel Buzz.

Solitary Wanderer – Posts and advice about solo travel in the Philippines and the world.

Over Yonderlust is run by a couple, who travels the world with no regrets, no missed opportunities and no rocks unturned.

AuthenChic Adventures is where Lisa DeChavan shares her travel tales of eco-friendly and sustainable travel with purpose, philanthropy, fitness, and fun.

Londoniscool.com – Life in London according to the Wandering Scotsman.

PauTravels Blog is the travel blog site of Paul Cayanes, a travel enthusiast from the Philippines, where he details his travel experiences in and around the Philippines, around Asia, the US, in Europe, and in any new destination that he will be embarking.

One Step 4 Ward - Johnny Ward graduated from university in 2006 and has been on the road ever since. In the last 4 years he has traveled, worked, studied, volunteered and backpacked through more than 50 countries around the world.

TheWanderlustProject.com -  Sheryll is a 20-something blogger going through a quarterlife crisis. Instead of letting it get her down, she’s decided to take hit the road and travel to Thailand.

www.GoSeeWrite.com - Michael Hodson is an attorney who left his corporate life behind and  has been traveling since December of 2008, circumnavigating the globe without ever getting on an airplane- And he hasn’t stopped yet!

Woman Seeks World – Nicole is a budding online entrepreneur living in London and in 2012 hopes to become location independent. Her blog Woman Seeks World shares articles on extra income ideas, how to work from anywhere, and stories from her travels around the world.

Nomadic Samuel is a quirky vagabond, offering up daily travel photos, videos and more.

The Compulsive Traveler (AKA Anya) is a PR girl by day and a world traveler at heart. She is a Russian-born, impassioned Bostonian who scuba dives, cooks, and can share her travel tales with you in three different languages!

Kyle the Vagabond – Kyle is a writer, surfer, traveler, and all-around interesting dude.  He’s been around the world and back again – a humble and interesting guy and it’s well worth checking out his blog!

WhereIsJenny.com – Jenny is a world traveler, and always on the go – so you never know where she is (until you check out her blog). Jenny is a traveler, graphic designer, photographer, skateboarder, writer, entrepreneur, and motocross racer!

Traveled Earth is Mike and Ashley Lenzen’s travel blog – they just decided to sell everything, quit thier jobs, and travel the world together, starting in July 2011!

Suzy Guese -Suzy aims to showcase people and places from around the world not in the ordinary guidebook sense.  She believes travel is not just about what to see and do but also the metaphysical aspects that go along with travel.

Wandering Trader – Marcello is a Day Trader turned world traveler that shares his tips on how to travel and live overseas on your own terms while saving money and having a blast!

CrazySexyFunTraveler.com – in 2009, Alexandra realized her main passion in life is to TRAVEL! Since then, she has been exploring new places, adventures, cultures, local food, music, and just about everything else all round the worl – her blog title says it all – she is crazy, sexy, fun, and one hell of a traveler!

Mike’s Road Trip is Where Travel Intersects Reality. Mike sold everything and hit the road for an adventure of a lifetime.

MaiTravelSite - Federico has visited over 80 countries and has travelled around the world 5 times!  Be sure to check out his blog for info, tips, and stories from the road!

40 before 30 -  One travel addict’s personal quest to explore 40 countries before turning 30.  As Jayne approaches the end of her challenge find out where she heads to next and what you should not do if you happen to be there too!

The Fearful Adventurer is Torre DeRoche’s blog about her adventures and travels around the world, but it’s also about all the quirky neurosis that make us human.  She writes honestly about travel, fun, fear, and living life – a refreshing and funny blog – don’t miss it!

www.manonthelam.com – Raymond is a man, and he’s on the lam – well, not really, but here is what he had to say about his blog: “I am a ranting raconteur, travel enthusiast, responsibility-shirker, aspiring dandy, self-help devotee and deferential drifter. I run a travel blog with tips and tricks, deals and steals, and stories and more geared toward the budget and adventure traveler.”  - and he’s a damn clever writer to boot!

Pause The Moment is an Around The World Travel Blog and Budget Travel Resource jam packed with Travel Tips, Reviews, Photography and Inspiration.

GloboTreks - Norbert is an architect always looking for new experiences and inspiration to design his world through travel and to build an adventurous lifestyle.  He explores and shares the process of becoming location independent and being a travel junkie.

Go PowerKicK!  – Travel, Eat & PowerKicK Mike Welch is a California native, currently calling Southeast Asia home. He traded in a corporate America job and life for a life of adventure, teaching, traveling, volunteering and exploring. Mike loves to travel, eat and PowerKicK!

Pommie Travels - Victoria Brewood is a Brit who packed her journalism degree in her suitcase and left rainy Manchester in search of the sun. She now lives a permanent life of travel and is fortunate enough to make a living whilst doing it.

Acceso Total 29: We are 2 Venezuelan girls who love to travel. Ana is a journalist and Yoss a video producer and we make videos about cities and activities around the world. Our videos show gorgeous senery, help you with tips and tell you facts or curiosities about each place we visit. From parties in Madrid, Spain to rafting in La Gran Sabana, Venezuela. Our videos are in Spanish, however we have some videos with English subtitles (more to come).

Wild Junket - Nellie Huang’s is a freelance travel writer with a love for the unknown and an eye for adventure.  This modern-day nomad is originally from Singapore, but she has traipsed through continents to find home in Spain, where she lives for now.

Confessed Travelholic: Adventures and advice from a self confessed travelholic.

OfRevolt.com – Jessica Kulick narrowly escaped the clutches of The Man to travel, write, and blog about the daily adventures of being without a home.

Traveling Triplets Identical triplet sisters who love to travel and love each other even more. These girls awesome, and you’ll definitely want to follow their journey.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos - A site featuring photos of smiling faces from around the world!

Where in the world is Walnuts? Join Walnuts, an ambitious, independent backpacker who will show you how to see the world on a budget. His video blogs are hilarious and informative, so tune in atFindwalnuts.blogspot.com

Tanama Tales – Ruth travels the world searching for experiences to share with outstanding people wanting to treasure the beauty of life one story at a time.

Places To Go The World To See - A young twenty-something’s personal travels with a bit of insight, advice, and laughter along the way.

Jack and Jill Travel - Follow Jack and Jill as they go explore the world, one misadventure at a time.

Travelsara.com - Meet TravelSara, a 40-something female solo traveler, writer and teacher. Follow her fun filled Round the World journey from Japan to Argentina and all points in between.

My Beautiful Adventures – Follow Andi’s beautiful adventures as she travels the world.

Uncornered Market - In December 2006, Dan and Audrey quit their jobs to follow their dreams. They sold everything and hit the road with just the backpacks on their backs. Four years and over 65 countries later, they are still going…and still married.

Hecktic Travels - No possessions.  No plans.  Just travel!  Dalene and Peter Heck are a Canadian couple who have sold everything and been on the road since 2009.

StruxTravel.com – Michael Figueiredo is a freelance travel writer based in Los Angeles, California. He’s visited thirty-six countries and territories on five continents and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon!

Velvet Escape - Keith is an ex-investment banker turned full-time travel blogger who’s been to more than 60 countries across 6 continents. He shares his travel experiences on his Velvet Escape travel blog with the aim of inspiring others to explore the world and experience its great diversity.

An Ache For The Distance is Stuart’s attempt to eternalise some of his favourite travel moments with words & photos.

Livin On The Road – A family of six living on the road fulltime as they travel Australia in a caravan with four kids under 10.

The Ego Tripper, aka the.e.t, is a travel aficionado and journalist from Antwerp, Belgium.

Vagabond Guide is Adam Mayfield’s travel site. He sold all his possessions and hit the road, and now he writes about travel and about his minimalist lifestyle.

Postcards From The Open Road is our very own Ruby Tuesday‘s blog where she shares her travel and party experiences as she explores the world.

Earth To Jebber is Jeremiah (aka Jebber, Jebberz, Jebbie, and about a thousand other nicknames) Kent’s website where he shares his adventures on the road, around the world!

Travel Globe is a travel site that offers advice for those who want to travel the globe, see more, and spend less. It specializes in tips and tricks for both the budget and adventure traveler.

Quirky Travel  is aimed at anyone who wants to discover something a bit different to the usual tourist tips and recommendations.

eTramping.com Slowly, but surely around the World with Agness and Cez. Two adventurous people on the mission to visit the most amazing places on this planet.

The Candy Trail- Backpacking Travel Adventures to Amazing Places - a nomad across the planet, since 1988!

The Long Time Coming is a fund raiser for neglected and disadvantaged children of Central and South America, run by Marc Noonan, who is traveling overland from Acapulco to Machu Pichu on a 4wd quad!

Justin Was Here Travel Blog  Justin Jones is a travel writer and blogger whose adventures have taken him around the world, from the icy peaks of the Swiss Alps to the sunny shores of Australia and everywhere in between! He travels the world to share his stories, as well as those of the people he meets along the way.

Tefl Travel Blog combines satirical travel stories with Tefl resources.

Explore-Earth.co.uk is a travel blog dedicated to finding and writing about the wonders of the earth. It’s a blog written by travelers who share the same passion, to explore the Earth!

Around the world in 80 Girls  Neil Skywalker backpacked around the world for almost continuous 3 years to over 40 countries trying to pick up as many girls of different nationalities as possible. He went from a regular shy guy to a womanizing heartbreaker.

Journeys4Good.com Journeys4Good provides you with the inspiration and information you need to find the perfect voluntoursim experience. You’re bound to have a deep and meaningful travel experience, a connection to the global community, a sense of pride and accomplishment, a fresh perspective, and above all else, memories you bring home that will last you a lifetime.

True Travellers Society was developed to connect people to free or low fee volunteer and meaningful travel opportunities around the world.

That Backpacker - Born in Canada and raised in Argentina, Audrey is a backpacker on a quest to explore the world.

Backpacking Travel Blog - A travel blog by Samuel & Audrey, self proclaimed cheapskate extraordinaires on a quest to experience the world and bring you funny videos while doing so.

AroundTheWorldIn80Jobs.com - Turner travels around the world doing different adventure travel jobs in his pursuit of gainful employment abroad

Active Planet Travels is a backpacking travel blog that uses spiritual intuition & cultural experiences to discover both popular destinations as well as off the beaten path adventures all around the world

Europe Traveller: A guide to travelling in Europe and the rest of the world.

Almost Fearless Backpackers is a website that features information for all your Backpacking 101 needs from working abroad to transportation and hostels.

OurOyster - Budget travel and adventure tips for backpackers and family travellers

The Travelers Blog - Travel and Recreation Ideas for Nature Lovers.

Budget Travel Tips – A blog for the budget traveler with tips for saving money and budget destination.

Travel City Breaks – Travel tips and inspiration for anyone who wants to see the world one city at a time.

Traveling and Digging Art – Travel writer and photographer sharing her love for art

Inspiring to Travel – A traveler sharing tips and inspiring others to travel.

Travelwkly - Travelwkly.com is blog covering traveling destination around the world.

Travelvana.com - Top Travel Destination around the world.

My Travel Affairs -  Marysia dedicates her time and energy to unconventionally exploring the world in  search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories. Wait till you hear her stories!

TwoBadTourists.com  – Follow the adventures of Two Bad Tourists while they travel the world. They may not always get the tourism part down, but often the best aspects of traveling are not what we expect.

Travel Blog USA: Find out things to do in USA; book tours, hotels, flights, hostels and cars at our travel blog TripStates.com.

Cheapo Travel Deals is a great place to find some travel info and great travel deals online.

The Wrong Way Home – The ultimate solo female travel blog written by Izy Berry, a kiwi girl who decided she wanted to explore the world. With a camera in her hand, she’s been to 31 countries and is only getting started.

Expert Vagabond - Matthew Karsten is the Expert Vagabond, and he shares adventure travel stories & photos from around the world!

Truenomads.com - Justin from True Nomads left home to travel the world solo forever. Now he’s in constant search for true, rebellious freedom.