Fun in the Sun in Benidorm

spain-benidormWritten by Vladimir Vistac

If you’re looking for a fun-filled break with lots of things to do, entertainment by the bucket-load, and a familiar home-away-from-home feel, holidays in Spanish Mediterranean city of Benidorm could be right up your alley!

As any holidaymaker knows, Benidorm isn’t for the faint of heart. During the summer months, this sun-soaked corner of the Spanish coast comes alive with all manners of bustling activities and raucous evening entertainment. Descriptions of Benidorm range far and wide – some think of it as a glitzy Las Vegas style escape, minus the desert, while others think of it as Blackpool in the Spanish sunshine. You’re bound to have your own opinions. But why knock it if you haven’t tried it?

Holidays in Benidorm are easy to get to, thanks to its short flight time and multiple flights per week. Take your pick from a huge range of tour operators and low-cost airlines that offer regular travel to this sunny Spanish holiday resort, which reach their peak in summer when the Spanish sunshine is at its most scorching. Even outside of the main summer season, Benidorm offers a welcome retreat. Spring and autumn are generally mild with sunny days, while even during the winter months, Benidorm can offer a pleasant escape that’s usually a few degrees warmer than back home.

Thanks to the high level of competition available, holidays in Benidorm are often pleasantly affordable. Check out a large-scale tour operator like Thomas Cook and don’t forget to browse their last-minute deals too – you might be able to snap up a bargain for next to nothing. And when you’re there, don’t be tempted to stick to the tourist areas as these are usually the priciest. Get to know the more authentic side of Spain – perhaps hire a car or catch the bus away from the towns and cities, and explore some of the region’s beautiful little villages and coastal harbors.

Why not give Benidorm a whirl? It might just surprise you.

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