Learn More About the San Francisco Bay’s Marine Life

Walk through this awesome aquarium tunnel! Via Wikimedia, by Veronidae.

Walk through this awesome aquarium tunnel! Via Wikimedia, by Veronidae.

For that unforgettable and meaningful family trip to San Francisco, don’t forget to teach the children about the marvelous ocean life beneath this charming city. If you treasure the colorful diversity of the explored oceans and want the children to see what beauty lies underneath the surface, you definitely want to purchase Aquarium of the Bay Tickets and explore the beauty of San Francisco’s top waterfront attraction.

The aquarium is divided into three sections. The Discover the Bay exhibit comprises of 8 displays in with a variety of satellite tanks featuring over a thousand aquatic animals such as the Bay Pipefish family, where the father pipefish gives birth to the young, the bright orange garibaldi (the California state marine fish), green moray eels, anchovies which swirl through the water using their lateral lines as sense organs, tiny underwater newborn bay fish and many other interesting species.

The largest exhibit in the aquarium, Under the Bay, was built to recreate the San Francisco Bay and it includes tunnels spanning 300 feet in length and features thousands of sea creatures and aquatic animals.

The most visually stunning creatures on display are the moon jellies, which can be admired in ambient lighting. Just as splendid, the sea nettles, the jelly fish’s greatest enemies, which have no heart, brain, bones or other organs. Additionally, the radiantly colourful rockfish, and the afore-mentioned garibaldi and pacific octopi will swirl in excitement as you explore the ‘near-shore’ tanks.

Leopard Shark. Via wikimedia, by Tewy.

Leopard Shark. Via wikimedia, by Tewy.

The second tunnel will reveal the vigorous, majestic sharks such as Sevengill, Spiny Dogfish and Leopard shark, accompanied by sturgeons and rays nestling in the sand.

The last exhibit, Touch the Bay, will allow children and adults alike to touch several types of animals including juvenile leopard sharks, sea stars, bat rays, skates, sea cucumbers and octopi. Upon exiting the pool section, the estuary exhibit unfolds, an interactive exhibit which focuses on the mudflats and marshes of San Francisco Bay, where you can touch a shark jaw, an oyster fossil and generally engage with the habitats you explored.

After partaking in the indoor aquarium adventure, take a gander outside and admire the sea lion sanctuary on the pier, where male sea lions will entertain you with their charmingly awful shrieks and noises.

And finally, visit the Bay Theatre, which offers entertaining 3D shows featuring sharks, turtles and even glimpses into the construction of the new Bay Bridge. You’ll be sure to keep the children entertained for hours.


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