Learning English in London

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Westminster Abbey via Wikimedia Commons.

Looking to improve your English skills? London is just the place for you!

London is one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world. It offers intriguing museums, beautiful sights and a vibrant nightlife that you don’t want to miss out on. It has one the largest financial districts in the world, it’s known for its fashion industry, and it’s the birthplace of the English language.

English has become a global language, and many people are learning English to further their careers and their global connections all over the world, so book your place on an English course in London and you can be one of the millions of English speakers in the world!

London is so popular because of its infamous sights, such as the iconic, red double-decker buses, the ubiquitous black cabs and Big Ben, and it has become increasingly modernized and connected with the rest of world, not only through language but also through transport. London has the Eurotunnel, so while you’re are studying in London why not pop over to mainland Europe for the weekend and enjoy another fabulous and famous city.

While you are in London, staying in a flat with other students or even with a host family means you can cook some of the typical British food for yourself, for example a Sunday roast, Yorkshire puddings and a trifle – these tend to be among the most popular. However, if you are like me and have no cooking skills whatsoever, pop down to your local pub (there’s usually one on every corner) and you can try the traditional food cooked to perfection.

The life of an Englishman

While studying and living in England, or even travelling you should be warned that you will probably find yourself adapting to the life of the English quicker than you thought. Although a typical stereotype of England, drinking tea is actually as common as you might imagine it is. No wonder the famous phrase “Keep calm and carry on” coined in England has been adapted to “Keep calm and drink tea”, you will soon find yourself switching the kettle on and putting milk in your tea, and actually enjoying it.

Within England, the landscape is diversely varied, from the city or countryside to the sea. Embedded between the Atlantic and Channel oceans, England offers a variety of beaches. In the South West of England, places such as Cornwall and Devon are among the most popular spots to visit for surfing, and maybe spotting the occasional dolphin. As well as this, you can visit the countryside, the Lake District is a great place to visit with family or friends if you fancy going on a bit of a hike or a long walk. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, it really is a peaceful and exciting place to visit, especially if you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are studying English in England, there’s plenty to see and do outside of London. If you are at a school like LTC London, you can choose from studying in the city or by the coast. You will meet many other international students in the same situation, it will be an exciting journey where you’ll make new friends and enjoy the wonders of England. So don’t hesitate in making your decision, it could be the best one you ever made!

By: Charlotte Jones


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