Meet Great Britain’s Olympians (Infographic)

The Olympics are well underway in Sochi (I can hear the hockey game on the TV in the next room), and the fierce competition for most overall medals is heating up! Every country wants to win the most medals they can, and there are myriad predictions about who will win how many. If you’re going to be placing any bets on England’s medals, you might want to check out this great little infographic that the good folks at Crystal Ski Holidays sent over this morning.

The facts and stats are all real, and the prediction is that GB will win between 3 and 7 medals. Currently (2/21/14) they have 4, and the good old US of A has 25! (USA! USA! Okay, that’s enough patriotism for today)  I’d love to see a USA Olympic infographic, but until then, check out this graphic and meet the British Olympians.

WinterGames FINAL 060214

Via Crystal Ski Holidays


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