Why I Picked Germany to Study Abroad and Travel

Wettersteinmassiv from the west, with the summit of the Zugspitze. Image via Wikimedia, by Crux.

Wettersteinmassiv from the west, with the summit of the Zugspitze. Image via Wikimedia, by Crux.

After several trip to Germany since I was a kid there was always this part of me left intrigued by the wonders of this country. Through years I watched it change its core, bits by bits growing to be this eclectic giant of masterminds and their deeds, preserving carefully every remnant over the course of history as a proof of an ancient survived culture. The busy nature of what my life turned out to be never allowed me to indulge myself in a study abroad adventure like this now yet the moment of my decision I knew exactly where I was heading to. My mind and heart were in the right place and for once agreed on my final destination: Germany.

The system of Education

Since I am here for my Masters, education is one of the priorities. It took me longer than expected to earn my BA back at home, taking a break for a couple of years trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with the rest of my professional life.  Now that I have my aims crystallized, I am 100% focused on my studies. The education system in Germany is one of the most advanced systems out there and recently it has been revolutionized with international programs lectured from worldwide famous professors, native and foreign. It’s no wonder why many international students decide to come and study here.

Universities operate under certified standards providing quality over quantity, training student to be the future experts on their fields. Professors and the rest of the staff are highly cooperative, the library is loaded with all kinds of materials needed and of course all the outside sources one needs to finish the certain task are seized through school as a mediator.

The low cost of living

Another favorable and essential issue would be the relatively low cost of living in this country, inexpensive and pleasing accommodation, free public transport included in the semester contribution fee, low priced foodstuffs and nutrients and the greatest discounts thanks to the benefits of being a student make living in Germany sound rather incredible. Myself, I lead a healthy and above-average life with 1000 euros per month, including rent, school fees and books, admirable diet, weekend travels and nightlife amusement. I cherish everything worth seeing or doing in my town and outside indulging in parties, celebrations and annual festivals.

Remarkable history

The fascinating thing about ze Germans is their notorious historical events in years. As I said this was not my first time in Germany so I clearly had an idea about their lack of interest in engaging on a conversation involving World Wars, sufferings and the course of Germany’s progress and development. Albeit with the right approach and politeness, Germans will unravel their discreteness and bluntly describe their side of the story. I was and remain objective on this matter so maybe that somehow guided me on gaining their trust.


Germany is known for its people and their customs. They are hardworking, honest, a bit reserved yet very loyal, nature friendly, successful and family people. The thing I liked the most even when I was younger is this formal and respectful attitude they have towards strangers, a great mystery to me. I will never forget my first firm handshake and that long-lasting eye contact which made me so uncomfortable I blushed. Germans are known to be true friends forever.


Watching them run to their destinations during working hours is breathtaking. Everyone out there minds their own business while they are walking their dogs, eating on their lunch breaks, waiting in between the classes at the University or rushing back at the office. Even the hippies on the streets keep themselves occupied entertaining the rest of the world with their art works.

Germans love to live to the fullest whether they are eating, drinking (especially at Oktoberfest), working, partying, chilling doing sports or dressing up they will push their own limits indulging their egos. Their day is divided between twin halves, the first being the half when they’ll be working their asses of on full potential trying to finish as much workload as possible and the second half where they proudly sit on their homes drinking a cold beer and enjoying the company of the loved ones.

Job opportunities

Germany offers a lot of job opportunities as long as you are a national of the EU membered country and speak some German. The other great thing is that after finishing your studies here, you can stay as long as needed to find a suitable job to your profession and as we all know Germany is in desperate need of specialists.

Language and its challenges

The German language is a rich and inspiring language yet very tough to learn. Whether you apply for an international program or a random German program it’s the same, you will be having German classes of the certain level needed to develop your skills. Once you start to feel comfortable around the language and your skills improve you will notice how beneficial it is and what a great and poetic language German is. There is nothing like reading a philosopher or a poet on his/her the authentic language

Cosmopolitan yet authentic

Germans have very well integrated all the outside influences into their daily routines and customs. Expats from all around the world have delivered their background specialty to Germany meanwhile integrating among the natives who were more than welcome to accept them.  Now Germany owns a cosmopolitan structure inhabiting its streets, living together yet differently each by their own cultures and morals yet as law abiding citizens. However, in all these years of constant change Germany remains authentic.

Guest post written by Liv Luget who was part of the team that wrote the Germany Students’ Guide on behalf of Mawista GmbH.


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