Six of Singapore’s Top Bars for a Great (& Unique) Time!

A view of Singapore’s Skyline. Photo by JeCCo, via Wikimedia Commons

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There are plenty of bars in Singapore to wet your whistle, but if you want to hit the best bars for more than just drinks, we’ve got you covered. Whether you enjoy a neighborhood bar or an upscale lounge, there’s a bar just for you. Here’s a list of some of the best bars in Singapore for all tastes and occasions.


Maybe you just want to unwind in a nice setting where you can have a few drinks and a great meal or you want to take clients out to wine and dine so you can clinch that deal. The Boulevard is the perfect place for either scenario. Located in the Financial District, it’s convenient for entertaining clients or just taking a load off after a long day at the office. There are three dining bars to choose from, each with its own style and special features.


For a stunning view, take to the rooftop at Loof’s, Singapore’s first stand-alone rooftop bar. You’ll be surrounded by lush scenery and have an amazing view of city skyscrapers atop the Odeon Tower. If you want a little intimacy with that special someone, you can slip into one of the private rooms, described as “playfully decorated.” If you have a companion who you think might be the “playful” type, this is the perfect place to find out.

Snow City Ice Bar

If you’ve been trying to find a way to snuggle up to someone without looking like a creep, then the Snow City Ice Bar offers you the excuse you need to get closer to the one you can’t resist. You’ll have to bundle up well as the bar is kept at a constant -7 Celsius. Almost everything here is made of ice, including the bar and the glasses the drinks are served in, so bring your gloves too.

Paulaner Bräuhaus

Enjoy authentic German beer and food at this German microbrewery where the atmosphere is casual and friendly. This three-story tavern may be big but manages to give off that small neighborhood bar vibe. Wash down your micro beer with some pork knuckle or sausage and don’t forget about the month-long Oktoberfest celebration every October. Two of bar’s most popular beers are the Munich Lager and Munich Dark.

Fine Spirits by La Maison Du Whisky

La Maison Du Whisky is one of Singapore’s leading whiskey retailers and distributors. By day it assumes the role of a whiskey retail store, then at night it is transformed into an exclusive bar for the whiskey connoisseur. The atmosphere is cozy and quiet. You’ll feel like a dignitary as you decide which of the more than 160 whiskeys you want to try. You may not need an invitation, but you’ll feel like an invited guest.

Bungy Bar

The Bungy Bar is one of the most happening sports bars in Singapore. Forget just showing up and having a few drinks with your buddies and cheering at the screen while your favorite football, Rugby, or soccer team makes a critical play. No, before you partake in the revelry of drinking and back-slapping, show your friends that you’re no chicken by trying out the G-Max reverse bungee jump slingshot. Just be sure to try the bungee jumping before you start drinking or you may be remembered later for all the wrong reasons.

Step out of your comfort zone and check out some of the bars on the list you normally wouldn’t think to patronize. You just might be surprised at what you’ve been missing. From the cozy to the upscale, the casual to the unusual, these Singapore bars will keep you coming back.

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