Stay Connected Overseas with an International SIM Card for your Phone!

Image via Wikimedia, by Salim Fadhley.

Image via Wikimedia, by Salim Fadhley.

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Want to stay connected while traveling? Don’t want a big expense? G3 Wireless can take some of the expense and worry out of global cellular service. By contracting with 340 roaming service providers worldwide, G3 Wireless can offer you, the business or pleasure traveler, international roaming service at a huge 90% saving over published domestic carrier rates.

All you need is an unlocked phone that uses SIM cards and a G3 Wireless International SIM. Just decide whether you want a US or Canadian phone number and for only $29.95 (includes $10.00 airtime) you are ready to talk/text and search!

Your new international phone is on a no contract, pre-paid plan. This means you pay in advance for airtime services, so no nasty end of the month surprises on your bill! You can recharge your service whenever you feel the need or simply sign up for G3’s auto recharge option. The SIM card is valid for a year and is renewable. If the card ever gets lost or stolen, you only lose the airtime balance remaining on it.

A phone that you can use in any country, with low roaming rates like this really makes sense for travelers of all sorts. Before leaving simply inform your contacts of your “travel number” and wherever you are they can get a hold of you. Your loved ones will have the peace of mind of knowing you are within reach in case of emergency and your business contacts will know you are available as well. (If you want them to know!) A global data plan can save you from all kinds of misadventures when traveling. Bus routes, restaurants, hotel vacancies, whatever you need can be right at your fingertips, saving you considerable headaches.

A data only SIM card is available for $14.95 which also includes $10.00 of airtime. G3 bills data in 100 KB increments, at the lowest possible rates.

Check out their promo video for more info!