Stay Organized and Wrinkle-Free with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Accessories!

The Pack-It Folder from Eagle Creek.

The kind folks at Eagle Creek were nice enough to sponsor our recent raffle with an awesome Rincon backpack for the winner.  They also sent a long a couple things for us to road-test.

Pack-It Folder

Not all backpackers care about keeping their clothes wrinkle-free. When I pack, I usually just shove everything, haphazardly into my backpack without much concern for wrinkles or space. But occasionally  I find myself on the road with a meeting scheduled, or an invite to a fancy party — and these are situations where you might not want to look like you’re living out of a backpack. Luckily for you, Eagle Creek has got your back. Their Pack-It Folders are an ingenious way to keep your clothes packed in a space-saving and wrinkle-free folder.

I took a nice pair of slacks and a button-down shirt on the road with me on a recent trip, knowing I’d need to break them out for some fancy parties and club nights in Los Angeles. But first, I’d be living out of my backpack for 3 weeks, crashing on friend’s couches, camping, and living out of cheap motels.  When it finally came time to break out the nice clothes, I was happy to see them still looking crisp and nicely folded, despite the last few weeks of abuse. They weren’t perfect, but they were damn close. And they certainly fared far better than they would have being stuffed into my backpack with the rest of my clothes.

The best part? The whole outfit was cleanly and unobtrusively packed away in a space-saving folder. It was never in my way, and it was never a burden.  In fact, while camping, I even forgot it was there. Now, that’s my kind of travel accessory!

Consensus: This one might not be for everyone, but if you ever travel with a nice outfit, and you’d like to keep it wrinkle-free and out of the way, you’ll love these folders.

Pack-IT Specter Cube Set

The Pack-It Specter Cube Set from Eagle Creek

This is another great packing accessory that I honestly never would have bought on my own. The Pack-It Specter Cube Set is basically a set of lightweight fabric cubes with zippered tops. You can literally use these things for anything, from keeping socks and underwear separate from other clothes to keeping a dirty pair of shoes from soiling your other clothes.  I ended up using one for my socks, one for my underwear, and one for dirty laundry. In the past, I’d always just packed those things all together in one compartment of my backpack, but having the ability to keep things separate and simple was a no-brainer.

I was really surprised at how useful these simple cubes were. I’d never have thought to purchase them on my own, but they just make sense. I’ll definitely be using them on my future travels, and I recommend you try them out too – you won’t be disappointed. I think the real genius of these things is the fabric that they are made of. They are super lightweight, so you won’t even notice them in your pack, breathable, durable, and water resistant, so they perform great for long-term backpacking, and they are silent! We’ve all shared a dorm with they guy who likes to keep all this things organized in old grocery bags – he inevitably forgets what back has what in it, and crinkle-crinkles his way through endless bags early in the morning, waking up and annoying half the dorm.  Don’t be that guy!  Get yourself a Pack-It Specter Cube set instead!

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