Study Abroad: Spring Break Edition

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Looking for something a little different to do with your Spring Break this year?  Alternative spring breaks spent volunteering are a popular option for those who don’t feel the need to sunbathe and party in tropical locations. Another interesting option is to enroll in a short study abroad course over spring break. These new abbreviated Spring Break programs are becoming more popular, as more students choose to spend a week or two studying specific subjects and putting their time off to good use.

Bioethics through Case Western University

The debate over a morally conscious use of genetics is a very hot topic in science right now, and different cultures have vastly different viewpoints on the issue. Courses in bioethics and perspectives on the phenomenon are offered in Salamanca and San Sebastian in Spain, as well as Paris, and Buenos Aires, while classes on international public health are held in Amsterdam. All program fees are $2,950.

Sustainable Development, Democracy and Human Rights in Peru through University of Maryland

Sustainability, democracy and human rights may seem like a lot to cover in one week, but this intensive study in development is sure to teach you more than you’ve ever learned in a week’s break (with the workload to match!) Students live in an eco-lodge with a focus on field research. The program fee is $2,550.

Culture and Ecology of Costa Rica through University of Georgia

If you’re not looking for quite such an intense break but still want to do something educational, UGA Costa Rica’s spring break abroad includes nature hikes at night, plant identification lessons, and surfing at Playa Samara. Accommodation is at UGA’s local campus, which is described as having spacious bungalows and open-air classrooms. Not a bad compromise for missing out on the sunshine in Cancun! The program fee is $650 for UGA students and $900 for non-UGA students.

French Battlefield Study Tour: Revisiting the Somme and Normandy through Northern Kentucky University

For history buffs, this is the ultimate spring break trip. History professors from Northern Kentucky University will lead students through Somme and Normandy, France, while providing context behind the important battlegrounds. Students will visit numerous D-Day sites in Normandy and beyond during their trip. The itinerary also leaves room for plenty of free exploration of Paris. The program fee is $2,600.

International Human Rights and Law through Northern Kentucky University

Spend a week in Northern Europe visiting and learning the significance behind important sites of international law. Students will get the chance to see the Nuremberg Trials site in Germany, the EU Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, and the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands, just to name a few. The program fee is $2,700.

These programs are open to students from all universities- but make sure to check your home university for programs it might offer as well!

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