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World Travel Buzz is always looking for talented and creative writers to provide us with engaging and unique content and we’d love to get you involved with the World Travel Buzz team!

What We Want:

We want Edgy and awesome travel writing. Young and in your face. We aren’t going to get anywhere by writing the same old stuff that’s already all over the web – we need an edge. And the content is where we’ll find our edge. (And that’s where you come in!)

Sure, we accept standard stuff about travel / study abroad / volunteering / eco-tourism / backpacking / etc. but we also want travel stories that are jaw-droppingly awesome, unique, interesting, out of the box, off the tourist trail, and adventurous. We want the scary moments, the honest moments, the sex drugs and rock and roll of travel. We want a little bit of grit!

And yeah, it can’t all be like that. Sometimes you have an interesting story to tell about a volunteer program or a great destination, and there’s just no rock and roll Gonzo action in the story. That’s okay too – but be sure to include yourself and your personality in the story – make it come alive!

Imagine if Anthony Bourdain and Hunter S. Thompson ran a Magazine – That’s what we’re after.

Please note: If you include contextual links to other companies who you represent or who are paying to write / market for them, that falls in the realm of Sponsored Content. If you’re an advertiser looking for travel-related sponsored content, you can find those details here.

What You Get:

We currently don’t pay for article submissions, but we plan to pay regular contributors in near future. You’ll get a bio with a link to your website at the end of each post.

Style Notes  & Writing Guidelines:

As a rule, we like to keep things short and sweet and VISUAL! 500 to 700 words is a good starting point for most article. We do serialize longer pieces – often larger articles work better on the web when split into several shorter pieces, linked together as a series. Stories of places you’ve visited are great. It makes more sense to be very specific with your articles. Don’t write about “My Trip to South East Asia,” but instead, write more specifically, like: “Crashing My Motorbike in Vietnam.” Personal stories are awesome. Top 10 lists are also great.

All story ideas / pitches should be pitched to me in a clear and FOCUSED manner. This is important, so I’ll re-iterate: Please don’t say, “I want to write an article about China!” Instead say, “I want to write an article about Crazy Street Food in China, and tell the story about when I ate boiled duck foot!”

Originality and Duplicate Content:

All content must be original. If you have something published elsewhere online or even in a blog, we can’t publish it. Google hates that. If you have a blog and you want to rewrite and change one of your posts to be published on World Travel Buzz, that’s fine, but is must be 60% rewritten.


If you plan on including images (please do if you have them!), please pre-shrink the images to 640 px wide.

What You Should Do Now:

The next step is to contact us. Pitch us an idea, or link to a writing sample or send us an article you’d like us to consider publishing.

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