Tired of the Classroom? Learn a Language Abroad!

A shelf of Taiwanese language books. Photo via Wikimedia, by Taiwantaffy

A shelf of Taiwanese language books.
Photo via Wikimedia, by Taiwantaffy

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If you want to learn a new language from scratch or maybe improve your existing language skills, you’re going to need to study. But doing so in a classroom, in your home country, where you have lived all your life might make it difficult to stay enthusiastic and motivated. Learning a foreign language should be exciting, opening doors in your professional and personal life. So, instead of sat with your head in your books, tirelessly trying to memorize lists of vocabulary, going to class once or twice a week and not getting the chance to actually practice your language, you could make your learning become part of your daily life and learn a language abroad. Studying a language while living in a foreign country doesn’t really feel like studying – it’s an adventure!

Step out of your comfort zone

You´ll quickly find that when dropped into a situation where you have to learn a language, you will do just that. When doing everyday tasks such as paying for your groceries in supermarket or ordering food in a café become impossible without the use a mime, you will quickly want to pick up the necessary skills to do so. Even more important to happiness is to make friends. And when you cannot communicate properly, you will want to learn – and fast. Not having any choice but to speak the language, is often the best form of motivation.

Immerse yourself in a foreign culture

Learning a language is not the only thing you will gain by spending time in a foreign country. You will also get to experience new a culture and customs. You will see an alternative way of daily life, different routines, values and behaviors. Doing so will help broaden your mind and recognize cultural differences. You are sure to return from your stay with a new appreciation for culture, and perhaps with some positive elements that you want to incorporate into your own life.

Explore foreign lands

Whilst you’re attending your language school, making new friends and experiencing a different way of life you will also have time to sightsee and travel. Whichever country you choose to go to, you will be able to travel to other towns and cities and see what they have to offer. See the famous monuments and buildings, visit the tourist attractions and experience the local gastronomy.

An experience that will last you a life time

When you return from your adventure you will have developed not only communication skills but social skills that will benefit you in the future. You will have developed confidence, made friends from all over the world and you will have experienced life in a new culture and society. All of which will make your more employable and probably even happier in your personal life.

So go learn a language abroad! What are you waiting for?


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