Top Spring Break Destinations: Cancun, Ibiza, and a Kiddie Pool in Your Living Room!

Young women in bikinis on Blue Marlin Beach, Ibiza, Spain. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Diana)

Every year come spring time, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shinning, and people are flocking to beaches, nearly nude, drunk, and shouting obscenities.  Isn’t it lovely?

Since seemingly forever, schools have created a week-long holiday to give students and teachers a break from the monotony of the education system.  This break is usually connected to the Easter holiday, but over time it has changed for various reasons.  But regardless of the reasons, come March and April, students of all ages are enjoying their week of much-needed freedom.

Spring Break can be used for anything: catching up on schoolwork, spending time with family and friends, or simply just relaxing and sleeping in. But for some bizarre reason, many University students choose to hop on a plane, shed their inhibitions and clothes, and party. Hard.

These young adults are called Spring Breakers, and they are often seen in large groups shouting “woo hoo!!” at the top of their lungs, for no apparent reason. Classy. If you’re the type of person who likes to chug booze, shake your booty, and make memories you’ll never remember, then you might be a Spring Breaker.  And if you are a spring breaker, you might like to know about some of the top Spring Break destinations in the world where people like you go to party!

These are only the most famous and biggest party destinations, there are obviously heaps more places all over the world. Got a good Spring Break destination? Let us know about it! 


A cheap flight from either the States or Europe, this name is synonymous around the world with intense parties every night.  From bikini contests to theatrical shows at clubs, Cancun is the gateway to ultimate partying in Mexico.


With the mingling of cultures, hard body contests, and strong Latino flair,Miami is the place to go for bikini wearing and watching.  Its beaches are packed all day and partying stays classy (and sometimes trashy) all night.


Europe’s top party island destination is Ibiza. People from all over the world flock here for the excellent DJs and the all-night dance parties. Ibiza is all about good food, good music, and good times.


This small island in Indonesia is prime location for surfing so expect to see a lot of Aussie lads with perfect abs, surfing all day and partying hard all night. Bali is also the top party hotspot for Southeast Asians and has great jungle daytrips with a moto.

Hard bodies on the beach in Ibiza (Photo via Wikimedia Commons / KC)

The nice thing about these places is you’re going to get exactly what you expect: non-stop all night parties with unlimited booze and all-day hangovers on the beach.  You’ll get the atmosphere you were seeking without any effort.  But truly, spring break can be appreciated anywhere in the world.  Even if you’ve got no cash for a plane ticket, you can still road trip to another University town and go crazy on their turf.  These top destinations are cesspools of tourism and prices get jacked up for the short season.  It would be cheaper and more thrilling to try finding your own hot spots for spring break.

Pretty much any island in the Caribbean loves its share of rum; try one of the lesser visited ones like the Dominican Republic.  Or you might try road tripping a few hours away from your home and checking out a city you’ve never been to.  No car and no travel funds? Try creating Spring Break in your own home! Crank up the thermostat, walk around in your house nude, and put little umbrellas in all your drinks.  Shout “woo hoo!” to your neighbors and invite everyone you know over for a pool party, even if you only have a kiddy pool.

The point is to relax and enjoy this annual holiday as best you can.  It’s not often society openly accepts complete and utter drunken debauchery.  Until St.Patrick’s Day of course.


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