Travel Addiction: Coping with Reverse Culture Shock

Image via Wikimedia, by Sonarpulse.

Image via Wikimedia, by Sonarpulse.

Having recently returned to home after living in Central America, I’ve been struggling with a bit of reverse culture shock, and contemplating the depth of my addiction to travel.

To make sense of it all, I decided to reach out to my Facebook and Twitter followers to find out what how they feel about reverse culture shock, and how they cope with it.

A lot of this info is also on the Radical Travel Podcast, Coming Home: Coping with Reverse Travel Shock and Travel Addiction.

The Hardest Parts of Coming Home

Lilian from

“When I returned home, I fell into the consumer trap. I just wanted to buy everything!”

Dan & Linda from

“The hardest part is relating to others who haven’t been anywhere. If they don’t travel it’s hard to find a common ground.”

@MeggieKay from

“Not being able to be around the people you met while away on a regular basis anymore.”

Captain Strangelove @Cpt_Strangelove

“Lack of exotic women.”


“The dread feeling that repetitive routine has suddenly swallowed certain adventure.”

Tasha Hacker:

“Going to the grocery store. You run out quickly to buy mayonnaise, for example, and you have to fight your way through a crowd of people and then you find the mayo aisle and you’re like, “What the…?! Why are there FIVE HUNDRED different types of mayonnaise?!” There’s light mayo, organic mayo, olive oil mayo, full fat mayo, and there’s 300 different brands. I JUST NEED A JAR OF MAYO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?!”

Debbie Hennig: World Travel Buzz Contributor

“While traveling, each day holds many new experiences and adventures, returning home is like coming down off a high and hitting a dead end.”

How to Cope with Reverse Culture Shock


Travel Girl from

“Find your “Settled” rhythm. Get used to not moving forward in the same way. Being okay with lack of change and with the familiar.”

Lauren from 

“Make a new bucket list! The world your lobster!”

Rachel Staggs, the Wandering Artist

“I always eat at my fave restaurants upon returning home & try to plan a road trip somewhere not too far, as soon as possible.”

Catrin Podgorski from PerksOfBeingaGapYearer

“Become more acutely aware of smaller things that you love to do like cycling  – or planning the next trip!”


“Help a friend plan THEIR adventure!”


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