The Never Ending Appeal of Torremolinos, Spain

View from Torre Mirador in Torremolinos. Photo via Wikimedia, by Tiia Monto.

View from Torre Mirador in Torremolinos. Photo via Wikimedia, by Tiia Monto.

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Torremolinos has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits for many years. With its close proximity to Malaga airport and prominent position on the Costa del Sol, this is hardly a surprise. A busy resort with lots to do, holidays here are affordable for all the family.

It would be fair to say that over the years, Torremolinos developed itself somewhat of an image problem. Today though, Torremolinos is a very modern holiday destination, offering activities and accommodation for everyone, be they a young family or a couple enjoying time together.

One thing with which Torremolinos has never had a problem is its location though, resplendently spread across a series of beautiful beaches. With a wonderful modern promenade stretching from Benalmadena to Playamar, there are a number of modern bars and restaurants serving everything from British grub, to traditional Spanish seafood. Delicious!

It is the most busy and vibrant part of Torremolinos, and ideal for those looking for life while enjoying their break in the sun. For those looking for a little more culture, the area serves up a feast in that regard too.

A gentle walk up into the old town, to the area known as El Calvario, soon brings semi-rural Spain into focus. Here, there are typically narrow streets and postcard picture whitewashed buildings. There is still much to do here though, with several bars and restaurants offering up tempting dishes, as well as the market, which is always good to rummage through.

It is also possible to get a glimpse of the old Torremolinos, as it was prior to the large-scale development. Once a fishing town, the old fishing quarter of La Carihuela is not far from the main promenade at the Benalmadena end.

It is easy to get to from some of the trendier hotels on the strip too. This makes it the perfect setting for those eager to enjoy the modern partying atmosphere in the night, while also enjoying a more sedate passing of time through the day.

Family holidays in Torremolinos are hugely popular, and Coop Travel in particular offers some wonderful deals. With great hotels offering comfort and style, as well as fantastic pools, the food is also great in value, taste and servings.

In essence, Torremolinos is just one huge resort of fun, offering a classic beach family holiday in the hot sun. With entertainment at every turn, the inviting Med to cool off in, and a great location for exploring this whole part of Spain, there is a lot to take your breath away here.



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