Where to go for Some Off-Season Sun this Spring


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The small village Panormo on the Greek island of Crete. Photo via Wikimedia, by Thomas Münter.

The small village Panormo on the Greek island of Crete. Photo via Wikimedia, by Thomas Münter.

When you’ve had enough of this winter that just won’t seem to turn into spring, there’s one easy way to bring some sunshine into your life. Book one of the many cheap flights that are available from any of the budget airlines now in operation and escape to the sun for a few days.

You can find plenty of destinations around Europe where spring and summer start early, and where the autumn stays nice and warm right through the end of October. For example, you can book flights to Crete for the October half term holiday and be pretty sure you will have some hot and sunny days on the beach, at a fraction of the cost.

Cyprus is another destination that the budget airlines all go to and you can enjoy the benefits of its extended summer season because of its southerly latitude. Booking somewhere to stay is never a problem either, especially with so many websites offering last minute accommodation deals.

So, even if you haven’t planned a spring or autumn vacation, you can keep your eye out for cheap flights to destinations like Crete and Cyprus and indulge in a long weekend break when you’ve had enough of the cold weather.

Of course, the beach may not be your ideal place to go to, in which case there are so many different city breaks that you could choose to have instead. The Spanish cities of Barcelona and Seville are often bathed in sunshine much earlier than other cities in other European countries and you can take the opportunity to soak up some different culture while you’re there.

Just remember that these destinations won’t be as hot as they would be in the middle of summer, so you’ll need to pack with that in mind and take adequate clothes for cooler evenings and mornings. A sunshine break will give you a lift – even if it’s only for a few days – and you’ll be able to face the rest of the winter with greater enthusiasm on your return.


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