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World Travel Buzz is an edgy and awesome online travel magazine, run by a team of travel writers from around the world. We are young, wild, free, and in-your-face, and we provide honest and engaging travel stories, tips, and advice from real backpackers and adventure travelers.

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Really, we are a dedicated team of talented and passionate travel writers from around the world, all coming together to give you the freshest, wildest, and most engaging look into the world of travel.  Each writer brings their own unique perspective to World Travel Buzz.

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Meet The World Travel Buzz Team

Justin Jones

Founder, Editor in Chief

Justin Jones is a world travel expert who has been on the road and in the travel biz for most of his life. He blogs at JustinWasHere.com, tweets @JustinJones, and he is the host of the Radical Travel Podcast. His travel writing assignments and personal journeys have taken him around the world and back again. He thrives on adventure and always tries to live life to the fullest while connecting with fellow travelers, contemporary misfits, and kindred creative spirits.

Justin@WorldTravelBuzz.com  |  JustinWasHere.com  |  Facebook  |  Twitter


Jennifer Billock

Jennifer Billock

Managing Editor

Jen is a wanderlustful travel writer, always looking for unique destinations to play in.  She’s interested in traveling to the strangest and most far-flung locales, and living to write about it! She also runs a Milwaukee travel blog at MetroMilwaukeeGuide.com.

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Joel Rosenberg


Joel is a business man who splits his time between New York and San Francisco. He is on the board of directors at World Travel Buzz and acts as financial advisor for the company.




Mick Burton

Mick Burton

Contributing Writer

Mick is an Aussie raconteur, a potato faced urchin who travels the world,  getting himself into dangerous situations and making bad decisions whenever possible. When not galavanting around the world and perpetuating his Rat Pack delusion, he spends his days harassing local barkeeps in London’s pubs.

Mick@WorldTravelBuzz.com  |   Facebook   | Twitter


Ruby Tuesday World Travel Buzz Staff WriterRuby Tuesday

Contributing Writer

Ruby Tuesday is an expert at all things random. Her adventures usually involve ridiculous drunken debauchery and all-out awesomeness. She honed her writing and partying skills at Chico State, and soon took her show on the road – and there was no holding her back! From full moon parties to Burning Man, she always finds a mess and lives to tell about it.

Ruby@WorldTravelBuzz.com  |  Blog  | Facebook


andypic-160Andy Steves

Contributing Writer

After 20 years of traveling with his dad, travel writer Rick Steves, exploring Europe independently and studying abroad during college, Andy is now pursuing his passion by helping students learn more about foreign cultures. His company, Weekend Student Adventures, allows students to dive into a culture, scrape their knees a bit, and make lifelong memories while visiting the most popular destination in Europe.

Visit www.wsaeurope.com to learn more about his weekend student adventures!