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Mountain biking in Leogang, Austria. Via Wikimedia by Nikb.

Mountain biking in Leogang, Austria. Via Wikimedia by Nikb.

While studying or living abroad, finding ways to stay active isn’t much of a problem. However, many short-term travelers want to continue to stay active (especially if they’re enjoying delicious food) without spending all afternoon in a random gym. Here are some activities travelers can do to explore and stay fit at the same time.

Mountain biking

If you love mountain biking, consider going on vacation to a destination with great mountains. You’ll get to interact with others enjoying the mountains while being active and enjoying your hobby. HCCMIS recently shared an article about the best places for mountain biking; which include Kitzbuheler Alpen in Austria and Dalat, Vietnam. In Austria, the mountains are gorgeous and contain trails specifically for biking in a variety of difficulty levels. Mountain bike tours are also available. Vietnam has some beautiful trails, but the difficulty levels vary dramatically.

Rock climbing

If you love views but biking isn’t your thing, rock climbing might be more suited for you. There’s nothing better than seeing new sights from the top of a mountain when you’re filled with satisfaction at what you’ve accomplished. Spain, France, Chile, England, Thailand, Greece, and Italy all have great locations for rock climbing. Find a local to go with you and show you all of the best features.


There are skydiving locations all over England. Even if you’ve traveled to London every summer, it will look completely new from the side of a plane. Consider going to England alone and making new friends to jump with you.

Skateboard arena in the Tsing Yi Northeast Park, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. Via Wikimedia by Mk2010.

Skateboard arena in the Tsing Yi Northeast Park, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. Via Wikimedia by Mk2010.


Skateboarding has become increasingly popular in countries like China and Egypt. If you’ve always loved traveling around the city you love in on a skateboard, you might enjoy exploring another country that way too. Search for skate parks in the city you plan to visit to find other skaters. Not only will you find friends to skate with, but chances are they’ll be able to show you all of the best attractions, too.


It may seem obvious, but instead of renting a car or relying on public transportation, consider walking around the city you’re visiting. Choose a city with attractions that are close to where you’ll be staying or close to each other. Many cities in Europe are more suited for walking. Just be sure to research the city you want to visit thoroughly. You don’t want to find yourself walking in a dangerous part, especially at night.

Staying active is important and even though you’re on vacation, you can find great ways to add exercise to your routine. Whether you’re going for a stroll in the park or rock climbing at high altitudes, you’ll discover new, mesmerizing places you’ve only dreamt about in the past. All you need to do is get up and go!

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