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Josh Bulpin is a Youth Expedition Leader and occasional scribbler of words on his adventures and observations. Having recently spent a year based on a houseboat in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Josh is now living back in London planning up-coming adventures in India and East Africa.

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Ignoring the Touts in Chiang Khong, Thailand

Ignoring the Touts in Chiang Khong, Thailand

Sat underneath a fish market table in Chiang Khong as the sun rose over the Mekong, an ancient weathered Thai man dressed all in white began his early Thai-Chi routine with such grace and peace that one could almost have forgotten the dramatic, and relatively scary, events of the night that led into such a(…)

Travels with Mumma: Inter-Generational Travel in Vietnam

Sitting on the top deck of a dodgy old tour boat in Lan Ha bay, swigging on an ice-cold Bia Hanoi, and lapping up the stunning limestone scenery in the hot, clear sunshine—a member of our group interjects on my utopian moment with the comment: “You don’t see many, if any, men backpacking with their(…)