Getting the Most Out of Your Caribbean Trip

Caribbean Sunset, by Woody Hibbard, via Wikimedia Commons

The Caribbean is a popular destination for millions of tourists every year, with the laid-back atmosphere of many of the islands and beautiful beaches providing an amazing chance to relax and unwind. Many consider traveling around the globe and spending serious cash – but you don’t have to make your vacation an epic, around the world affair! Taking a Caribbean trip has a lot in store for tourists for much less money. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from as far as the type of trip, with cruise ship vacations available as well as all-inclusive hotel getaways and action-oriented packages for the adventuresome types. Many Caribbean nations depend heavily on tourism so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to planning your trip.

The chance to island-hop also means that you can sample a bit of everything from Cuba to the Bahamas to Antigua or Curacao, each with their own unique history and lifestyle. While many Caribbean nations are geographically very close, their culture can be wildly different depending on their colonial history. The Caribbean Islands are one of the more unique and varied areas of the world when it comes to different cultures and history.

You’ll be able to enjoy all the typical water sports that you might expect, from deep sea fishing to diving to jet skiing and sailing; it’s also easy to spend days just relaxing on the beach or taking advantage of snorkeling or swimming in some of the world’s most beautiful waters. And if you prefer to stay on dry land, you can take advantage of tennis, golf, hiking, horseback riding and tons of other options.

Playing Texas Holdem cash games or tournaments is also an increasingly popular option in the Caribbean, with interest in poker growing dramatically over the last few years. Aruba and the Dominican Republic have each hosted several major international poker tournaments in recent years while Curacao is the home of several different online poker and casino sites. Many cruise lines offer poker games and tournaments as well, giving poker fans the chance to double up and enjoy their favorite game while still experiencing the very best the Caribbean has to offer.

By Courtney Black


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