Drinking Alcohol Keeps Bedbugs from Biting!

Cimex lectularius, the common bedbug, from slides at the University of Edinburgh. (Photo by Adam Cuerden, via Wikimedia Commons)

We’ve got some good news for the backpacker community:  Aparently, a new study conducted at the University of Nebraska has scientifically proven that binge drinking backpackers are less likely to be bitten by bedbugs than their sober counterparts.

Yup, bedbugs prefer sober blood.

Ralph Narain, the Ph.D. candidate who conducted the research said that he plans to run tests to see if other drugs have a similar affect on bed bug bites. We’re not condoning binge drinking here, or suggesting it as a way to combat a bedbug infested hostel, BUT…. well kids, you just can’t argue with science! The study shows that the higher your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the less the bugs eat. That means, the more you drink, the less they bite — so drink up, amigos!

This explains why I almost never have trouble with bedbugs, even though I usually stay in rat trap motels and hostels with ancient, stabby-springed mattresses. My secret? I’m pretty much always pickled on Guatemalan aguardiente or some other local moonshine.

Seriously, have you ever tried NOT drinking yourself to sleep at a hostel? If the creaking bunks and snoring, farting backpackers don’t make you want to kill yourself, the bedbugs will.

[Source: Huffington PostThanks to The Hostel Worker for the tip!]

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