Lisa DeChavan’s Road to Volunteering in an Orphanage in Guatemala

Finding myself ‘treading water’ in what I refer to as the “Lake of Debilitating Comfort Zone”, coupled with the timing & opportunity to break free, I decided it was time to shake the U.S. 5am-7pm monotonous workweek, dust off of my habitually bare feet & take flight over the proverbial Rainbow.

Growing up, writing came as naturally to me as breathing. There are remnants of my eager 9-year-old poetry which accompany many published articles from when I worked as the Music & Outdoors Editor of TM Magazine (a local urban publication in Albuquerque) a few years ago. These relics of my writing career both haunt & amuse me to this day. Coming from a lineage of writers, musicians, artists and gypsy-like explorers, the fact that I have landed in the realm of writing and travel is of no surprise to anyone who knows me well.

I did make a concerted effort to develop the ‘left’ side of my brain by majoring in Biology, Chemistry & Exercise Physiology while at University, and found, to my dismay & jovial surprise, that these subjects were an “Art Form” as well. My Grandmother & Mother each spent their careers in medicine, so I suppose this too runs ‘in the blood’. I spent over 15 years of my life working in both the Anatomy & Physiology field as an Athletic Trainer, as well as working in the medical field. But when life gives you a Beanstalk of opportunity growing thick and strong to follow your dreams, you climb it.

Uniting each piece of the puzzle of my life into an experience of travel, volunteering and writing seems to me to be a responsible steward of my gifts as much as it is a privilege and adventurous challenge to undertake.

My ultimate goals are to see & experience the cultures of as many continents as possible and to humbly serve humanity along the way. That’s the vision – in an ‘it’s a small world after all’ optimistic nutshell. The Macro Mission, if you will. There is a mammoth amount of opportunity out there for volunteering. It is not difficult to find a cause you can be passionate about to get involved with as you travel. As for me, I will spend the first leg of my journey serving at an orphanage in Guatemala, for what I hope will be a significant amount of time. I am also focusing on being Eco-conscious, seeking out Earth-friendly atmospheres and keeping things as authentic as possible.

I hope to learn how to dwell peacefully on the Earth and among a multitude of unique people. And I hope to share with grace the lessons I will learn along the way. I’ve already learned so much from reading about the truly inspiring lives of people who have gone before me. It is awesome to know there is an underground sub-culture of brave & adventurous souls exploring this beautiful planet together! I’m stoked to be on the ride and welcome anyone to tag along!

Hakuna Matata!

Lisa DeChavan

About Lisa DeChavan

Lisa recently jumped fearlessly down the rabbit hole and traded the color-coded pushpins in the World map on her wall for a one-Way ticket to Latin America. She lives for solo, eco-friendly, indie travel, coupled with a focus on philanthropy. Lisa’s main goals are to immerse herself in each culture she encounters through volunteering & to share her adventures through both written word & media.