Travel Blogger, Hilary Billings in the Running for Australia’s Best Job in the World

Best Jobs in the WorldTourism Australia has been running a worldwide campaign, seeking six lucky winners to fill unbelievable job descriptions. These are seriously some of the best jobs in the world, including wildlife caretaker, lifestyle photographer, park ranger, and outback adventurer (Yeah, that’s really a “job“!). The contest generated the interest of over 600,000 applicants. And out of 45,000 video submissions, only 150 candidates were shortlisted— twenty-five for each position.

These dream jobs include six-month working holiday visas, $100,000 salaries, and the opportunity to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences like swimming with sea lions, meeting with Aboriginals, and tasting all the wine the East Coast has to offer.

Hillary, hard at work!

Hilary, hard at work!

“To be in the running for such an incredible opportunity is still hard to believe,” says Hilary Billings, one of the shortlisted candidates for the Park Ranger position. “This is the employment opportunity every travel blogger and writer dreams of having. And as a tree-hugger, nature enthusiast, and environmentalist, being up for a position where I’d have the chance to explore such a variety of national parks and terrains makes it all the more exciting.”

If she wins, Hillary will spend six months touring around the Queensland territory, digging for dinosaurs, exploring rainforest canopies, and diving The Great Barrier Reef. Queensland is home to five of Australia’s 16 World Heritage areas and over 450 national parks. There are sand dunes, fossil sites, lakes, as well as an abundance of wildlife.

Hillary on a rain forest trek, ready for adventure!

Hilary on a rain forest trek, ready for adventure!

Hilary is now battling it out with the other twenty-four Park Ranger shortlist competitors to prove why she’s the best girl for the job. She’s only got a matter of days left to rally as much social media and community support as possible before the deadline. Tourism Australia will then announce on May 15th which three finalists for each job they will fly out for an extensive interview process.

You can check out all the entries on’s Best Jobs in the World site.

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