Why You Should Travel to Escape the Cold This Winter

A warm and sunny day at Punta de Teno, Tenerife, Canarias! Photo by elson, via Wikimedia Commons.

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As soon as summer ends we all count down the days until it comes around again and brings warm weather and vacation days – don’t shake your head, we all do it! When the cold weather hits us, we immediately wish for the the sun to come back. Cheat the season and escape the cold weather for a little while and go on a winter warmer holiday to Tenerife. The hotels in Tenerife in are busy year round because of the warm climate 12 months a year. So here are some reasons you should go on a winter-warmer holiday:

  • Warm weather- The most obvious reason to go away is to escape the cold weather and get your tan on!
  • Make your friends jealous- You can brag to your friends that you are in the warm weather and go back home with sun kissed skin!
  • Off peak season- For places in the Canary Islands such as Tenerife, during the winter months, they tend to be off peak travel times, which means you may be able to find some cheaper deals.
  • Escape work- Waking up every morning when it’s cold and dark can be difficult and depressing, so having some time away from that to relax and wake up with the sun shining can be a nice change.
  • Half term break- If you are looking to go away with the family, half term can be a busy time to go away but it can also be the best, you beat the summer time rush and escape the winter blues at the same time.

A winter-warmer holiday can be the perfect getaway during the winter season; it can take you out of your daily routine, shake you up and make you feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to work and unfortunately, the colder weather.


When you go away during off-peak times, you can find some amazing deals, so make sure you do the research on where you want to go and when. There are plenty of deals out there; you just have to find them. Sometimes you can find great deals around Halloween and Christmas time, with Barceló you can find some great deals that will offer you the best price, location and accommodation. I have been away once in October when the cooler weather had set in to England already and we went to Tenerife, where the weather was perfect, not too hot – just right!

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should treat yourself to a warm, relaxing holiday in the winter and have that all important escape from the cold weather.


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